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Vacation In Barbados - When should you go and where.

When to travel to Barbados -

When planning a vacation to Barbados the best months are January through to April for perfect sunshine and cool breezes. These are the driest months so you can expect sunny days and cooler temperatures during your winter holiday.

Though Barbados does have an official hurricane season which falls between July and October, the island itself is below the “hurricane belt” and very real experiences a direct hit. During these months travelers to Barbados can expect to get a bit of rain, but this is usually limited to the scattered showers throughout the day.

Winter is the most expensive time to travel to Barbados due to the high level of travel into the island.  The ideal month to travel to Barbados is May, this allows travelers to enjoy lower summer rates, but the beautiful sunshine and weather of the winter months.

During the summer months the island is in full swing with the Crop Over festival, which makes it an ideal time to experience the culture and have a true Barbados local experience.

Where to go in Barbados -

Barbados has four beautiful and totally different coast lines, each one with a unique personality.

South Coast – Most local Barbadians live on this side of the island, there is a large selection of bars, restaurants and night life to choose from. Accommodation whether it be villa rentals or hotel is generally cheaper on this side of the island. The ocean is fairly calm but offers areas great for surfing, wind surfing and other watersports.

East Coast – This side of the island is very untouched, with beautiful open coast lines which feature beautiful rock formations and natural reef pools to swim in. Accommodation on this side of the island is usually guests houses or small rental villas. There is a handful of hotels but they are small and boutique. There is a small selection of stores and restaurants on this side of Barbados, most people visit the east coast for relaxation and to experience Barbados as it was in the days of old.

North Coast – Very few people live in the north of the island, the terrain can be fairly dry with heavy salt spray off the ocean. The sea is very rough in the north and very rarely suitable for swimming, however there is great opportunity to do some deep sea fishing while in this part of Barbados.

West Coast – The most popular vacation spot on the island, with a wide selection of guest houses, rental villas, hotels and mega mansions for rent. Sitting on the Caribbean Sea side of the island, the ocean is calm year round making a perfect beach destination for all visitors to Barbados.

No matter when or where you plan on traveling to in Barbados, the island and its people are always welcoming and ready to welcoming you into their lives as an honorary local or “Bajan”. 

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