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Visit Barbados!!

 Barbados the island country in Caribbean offers the best and the most luxurious holidays you can ever have. The white sand Beaches and the sparkling sea, the adventurous sports and the vast array of caves and the hidden lakes and natural springs. You will find all of it at your fingertips but the icing on the cake is that you will find the most exotic and luxurious villa accommodation around. You can follow Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals and Realtors Limited for Barbados vacation rental details, both for the accommodation side and for purchasing a home or villa on this beautiful island.


Barbados is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its wonderful and friendly people. They are the main reason why so many visitors keep returning to Barbados for vacations and holidays. Barbadians, most commonly known as “Bajans” are very friendly people and offer travelers a great hospitality experience, thus attracting a great crowd of visitors each year. The weather is warm and sunny most of the year and the island sits just below the hurricane belt making it a safe Caribbean destination.

Some greats spots to check out while on vacation in Barbados;

Enterprise Beach - Referred to as “Miami Beach” by local Barbadians is a favorite destination for famous celebrities and models. People visit for the calm and crystal clear water, perfect place to go and relax on the white sand under the Sun for a tan.

Harrison’s Cave – Experience this natural wonder in the convenience of a motorized shuttle, while the staff walk you through the wondrous tale of this cave. You can also get off the vehicle to walk around but be careful the floor sometime may be slippery as water drops falling from the ceiling, this is a must see while in Barbados.

Hunte’s Gardens: Created by famous Barbadian Mr. Anthony Hunte, this magnificent garden is filled with exotic plants and enchanting sculptures and many stone paths that offer a blissful experience different from the typical garden experience. The garden is like the small natural forest, it is truly the peak of horticulture in Barbados. The owner is also famous for his saying “open seven days a week, including Sunday”

South Coast Boardwalk - The boardwalk is a newer attraction to the Barbados market, but has created a beautiful access along the coast line. The boardwalk is lined with shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. Many of these selling fantastic local Barbadian foods and crafts. Don’t forget to keep your camera handy, there is many opportunities to snap a beautiful picture of the Barbados coast line.

Carlisle Bay - If you love snorkeling then Carlisle Bay is definitely the place to be. Dive or snorkel amongst the 4 famous shipwrecks, the most recent being the decommissioned Barbados Naval boat. You will also see a variety of colorful tropical fish and a chance to swim with sea turtles. The bay is massive and features a lot of attractions and very calm water, the beach is great for kids as well.

Garrison Savannah – Operated now by The Barbados Turf Club. If you are in Barbados on a Saturday which horse racing is running then the Garrison Savannah is not to be missed. You can get the seat at a reasonable price nearly at $20 and the betting is in the same way as in UK. You can feel the thunder when the horse racing pass by your seat, a great experience to add to your list of while on your Barbados vacation.

Mount Gay Rum Distillery Tour - If you come on vacation to Barbados and don’t enjoy the Rum experience, then your trip is incomplete. Barbados is renowned as the birthplace of Rum, it is widely produced and enjoyed here. Visit the Mount Gay Distillery tour to get the full rum experience and learn about rums true history and origins tracing right back to beautiful Barbados.

This is only a hand full of what you can do while on your trip, come experience it for yourself!

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