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Stopping Mosquitoes in Barbados for Good

There is a continued worry about the ZIKA virus in the Caribbean and South America, we at Realtors Limited are glad to work with the continued efforts of the Barbados Health Organizations and Tourism Affliates. We applaud everyone in Barbados for the continued containment and treatment island wide as we continue to keep our locals and visiting guests safe and healthy all year round.

Please see below an easy and green way of helping to control and eradicate the mosquitoes in Barbados.

Please enjoy this brief excerpt from the Huffington Post, to read the full article please visit;

For many people, coffee is the perfect way to start the day, end a meal, or help to recover after a long weekend. But while humans may tend to love the bitter flavour usually with some cream and sugar some insects find it toxic. One of these coffee haters is the mosquito!

It is a carrier of a variety of pathogens known to cause some serious viruses such as dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika. All of these have the potential to cause long lasting infection and at times, death. The threat is so great many public health officials have sounded the alarm and brought viable control measures.

But coffee has shown promise in the past. Back in 2003, it was shown to kill off the larvae of mosquitoes. Although the mechanism wasn't entirely figured out, the authors at the time believed some of the chemicals in the black stuff blocked some of the important stages of development. They could not develop into adults. A closer inspection revealed some of the molecules mimicked those of insecticides. But the effect was far more dramatic and the insects could not develop resistance.

In 2012, the effects on Ae. Aegypti were shown to be the same in Ae. Albopictus. In this case, the larvae were exposed to coffee extracts. Once again, the larvae were unable to develop and the population was killed off. It meant coffee could be used to keep both mosquito populations from getting out of hand.

The experiments were simple. The group first made coffee at two strengths, medium and high. They also used water as a control. They then offered the liquid to the mosquitoes to see if there was any choice made. The colour ranged from clear (water) to light brown-orange (medium) to dark brown (high). After the mosquitoes had had a chance to lay eggs, the team checked for any difference in choice.

The results were dramatic. The high concentration coffee had 90 per cent less eggs than in water alone. The medium had twice as many as the high but still paled in comparison to the water. To the authors, colour had to play a role and apparently, brown detracted the insects from laying eggs. If they did, the larvae died. The authors felt coffee could play a dual role in controlling mosquito populations. First, it would kill the larvae. Second, it could act as a deterrent to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs.

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